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Amplitude Gymnastics Academy

AMPLITUDE: In gymnastics this term means height or spectacular execution of a particular skill. When a gymnast performs a skill bigger than other gymnasts typically perform the same skill it is said to have a lot of Amplitude. At various times the code has given bonus for Amplitude.


Professional – Skilled – Qualified – Dedicated




You and your family to Amplitude Gymnastics Academy and the exciting sport of gymnastics! We offer Program for everybody and every ambition from the toddler motor development programs to the pursuit of high level competitors.



It is the foundation of our company to treat everyone fairly and to handle all situations with the utmost integrity and trust. Amplitude Gymnastics will continually strive for pursuit of excellence in all departments. From instruction, to childcare, to customer service, our goal is to exceed your expectations.



Every child in an amazing gift and unique, and every child deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her goals, whatever those goals may be.



Our primary mission at Amplitude Gymnastics is to help children develop characteristics and attitudes that lead to success, such as, pursuing excellence, determination, perseverance, team work, personal discipline, setting and achieving goals and confidence. Our secondary mission is to help children develop technically sound gymnastics skills, strength, flexibility, grace and the overall knowledge of health and fitness.



  • We believe that gymnastics should be a positive experience in children’s lives and have fun experiencing the challenges that come with it.
  • We believe that each gymnast is ultimately responsible for her/his success, involvement and progress in gymnastics.
  • We believe in assisting each gymnast to reach her maximum potential, recognizing that only a few will ultimately have the capability to achieve the highest competitive levels.



Owner, Head Coach and Program Director - Mikhail Skomorokhov 

Mikhail is a former gymnasts, with successful results to participate on open ceremony Olimpic Games 1980, also Mikhail has a title Master of Sport in Gymnastics. Coaching experience with more then 20 yr. teaching gymnastics and tumbling, Mikhail also organized camps and clinics. In 2009  Mikhail became Gymnastics program director at All-Stars Cheerleading Center and then Stingray gymnastics sport center locate in Johns Creek, GA. During this time Mikhail taught  a number of GA State champions in a different levels. 

He holds membership in USAG, AAU, Safety Certified, Stewards of Children, Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction, National judge certified.

Over then 14 years Mikhail judging gymnastics competitions, including State, Regional and Nationals meets.

His goal is introduce and develop the sport of gymnastics in a manner that encourages each athlete to reach his/her full potential in a safe, healthy, and positive environment.


Mikhail resides in Alpharetta with his beautiful wife Julie and has 2 children, Alexander (16) and Andrea (12).  



All classes are supervised by accredited coaches who hold a minimum qualification of level 5, and min age 18 yr. Also all coaches have competitive gymnastics background.

While we attempt to give the children consistency in coaching staff, the gym reserves the right to change coaching staff. All coaches are supervised by the Program Director. Their development is monitored through an on-going process of coaching direction and education.


Our Environment – We strive to keep our facility safe and sanitary with continual maintenance checks and cleaning. Amplitude Gymnastics has special areas for our youngest gymnasts that enable these children to learn and thrive with equipment that is designed just for their size and ability. Our spacious facilities offer air conditioning and free Wi-Fi in parent’s observation viewing areas.

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