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Girls Gymnastics

 Stars:    age 3-4yr.

  This is a program for toddlers who are

  ready for structure.

  This program meets once a week for a

  45 min. class. Additional classes per

  week are available. Children must sit with the instructor and have no parental participation. This class teaches your child the fundamental   skills involved in the sport of Gymnastics. Your child will discover body awareness, basic gymnastics positions, and introduction to gymnastics terminology. The Stars class is full of opportunities for your child to roll down wedges, swing on the bars, rope, trapize and rings, jump on trampolines, and explore our variety of colorful and creative obstacle courses.

Bronze Level  1 hr.

  This is a level 1 based on USAG JO

  program. Through obstacle courses

  designed to develop a broad range of

  skills, your child will learn to be

  challenged with new moves and skills.

  Using a combination of preschool

equipment and competitive equipment modified for your child, each student will learn to expand his or her understanding of the sport of Gymnastics.

Silver Level  1 hr.

 This is a level 2 based on USAG

 program. Class is designed for

 young gymnasts with a minimum of

  one year experience on sport gymnastics and past level 1 skill.  The concepts of balance, strength and flexibility will be emphasized while we begin to focus on form as well. Because these gymnasts are stronger and more capable, they are ready to take the skills they have learned to a new level.

Gold Level  1 hr.

  This is a level 3 based on USAG JO

   program. Class is creating for those

   gymnasts with gymnastics skills

   included in level 2 and 3 USAG. The gymnasts concentrate more on proper form and technique which allows them to build up more challenging moves.

Diamond Level  1.5 hr.


  This is a highest level in Xcel

   program that match level 6-7

   optional USAG program.

  Gymnasts on this level could

  construct they own routine on each event with superior execution of fundamental skills.

Platinum Level  1.5 hr.

 This is a level combine of level 3 

  and 4 based on USAG JO program.

  Students on this level already have

  fundamental skills, and they will

  start working with advance skills

  USAG compulsory program.

Team Program

Hot Shots 6 – 8 yr. 2hr. X 2 times/week 

Gymnasts are hand selected for this program (from recreational gymnastics classes) based on their attitude, work ethic, desire, gymnastics skills, strength and flexibility.

             This program is on invitation only

                            Pre- Team 9+ yr

The Pre-Competitive Program designed to prepare young

gymnasts for future competition by emphasizing strong basic fundamentals, strength, flexibility, discipline and respect for the sport.         This program is on invitation only.

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