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Amplitude Gymnastics Academy recreational program is based on USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic program that includes Xcel, AAU, USTA programs.

All Gymnastics programs are divided by levels and set rules throughout the country for each level. For the lower levels (1-5 for girls and 4-7 for boys), there are specific routines set by USAG, so every child in the state will be doing the same routines at these levels.

In order to move to the next level the child needs to show existing level skills of all routines.

Xcel, AAU and USTA has slightly different routines and name of levels like Bronze, Gold and etc.

Amplitude Gymnastics Academy will use class level names from the XCEL program:

                                    Level 1 – Bronze level

                                    Level 2 - Silver Level

                                    Level 3 – Gold Level

                                    Level 4 – Platinum Level

                                    Level 5 – Diamond Level


The competitive “team” is selected from our preschool and

recreational classes and is comprised of the athletes who show great skill, discipline, and desire.  This team competes against other gymnastic centers.

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