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Amplitude Gymnastics Academy Recreational Program 

    Offering a Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) Program that is also part of USA Gymnastics Program

It is a natural step to have a T&T program like part of gymnastics program. Boys and Girls of all ages love to jump around and tumble about.

Student in the T&T program utilize the trampoline, the super springy rod tumbling floor, the tumble track and double mini trampoline.



For different levels from beginners to elite level. From preschool to high school age. Please check appropriate  level for your student.




  This class is for new tumbling athletes.

  Emphasis focuses on  introduction to basic tumbling for gymnastics. The students learn the proper form and 

  technique for cartwheels, roundoffs, rolls, handstands, back bend to bridge and kick overs.

  Great attention is paid to body awareness and understanding of how the body performs through tumbling

  skills. Before moving onto a more advanced class athletes are expected to perform cartwheels and round offs with good form.

Level 1

 Students must already have a cartwheel,  round off with good form and can do a back walkover or back bend

 kick over. Class will focus on perfecting standing back handsprings and roundoff back handsprings. Also

will starting front walkover, front tuck, dive role.Beginning back handspring skills.

 Before moving onto a more advanced class students must be able to perform standing back handsprings on

 their own with good form.



Level 2 and Level 3


 Level 2 and up tumbling is for the athlete who has been through Beginners and Level 1 tumbling and is ready to

 move onto new tumbling skills. This class works to ensure that the student keeps their skills from beginner class

 fresh, but also works on learning and perfecting new skills. Must have round off with good technique and standing

 BHS. In this class students work on round off multiple back handsprings, round off back tucks, round off back

 handspring back tucks. Front tucks, front handspring front tucks. And multiple standing tumbling skills. Before 

 advancing to the Level 3 athletes are expected to perform round off multiple back handsprings on their own with good form and technique.

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