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Boys Gymnastics

Amplitude Academy Recreational Gymnastics Program

Is proud to offer a boys gymnastics program




We provide recreational classes for boys that are based on concepts of balance, strength and flexibility. Our primary focuses in class besides discipline is setting goals and challenge oneself in a fun, safe environment.



Bronze Level  1 hr.

The goal of our Boys classes is to introduce the boys to gymnastics activity. These classes consist of basic strength and skills on the Boys' apparatus:  Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Parallel Bars, Vault and Horizontal Bar - as well as instruction in beginning Tumbling and Trampoline.

Silver Level ( 7 + yr.)  1.5 hr.

A 90-minute introductory boy’s gymnastics class with focus on proper skill progression and fundamental strength

development. Boys will work on developing proper swing on the boys' apparatus, as well as develop good basic tumbling skills. Good basic skills necessary to practicing more difficult gymnastics skills, and the physical strength to apply their skills as they progress in level.

Silver Level  1 hr.

This is a level 3 based on USAG JO program.  Class is designed for young gymnasts with a minimum of one years’ experience on sport gymnastics.  The concepts of balance, strength and flexibility will be emphasized while we begin to focus on form as well.

Gold level Boys Intermediate1.5hr.

A 90-minute class for Intermediate and recreational boys that expand on the Gold curriculum and may also include training and preparation for team. Gold’s meet once or twice per week,

and dedicate a larger portion of their daily class to strength and flexibility. Gold level classes focus on developing a variety of basic skills, but allow each boy to attempt higher level skills

based on his amplitude.

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